Spring doc and Open API V3

Springdoc-openapi is a library to automate the generation of OpenAPI documentation in Spring Boot projects. It provides a set of annotations and configuration options to automatically generate an OpenAPI specification Springdoc openapi works by examining an application at runtime to infer API semantics based on spring configurations, class structure and various annotations. Automatically generates documentation … Read more

Microservicio Docker/SpringBoot paso a paso

Configuración de un SpringBoot web Project con Spring JDBC API y ejecutamos el proyecto dentro de un contenedor docker. Inicialización Para crear el proyecto, Usamos Spring Initializr. Incluir las dependencias que aparecen en la captura de pantalla Dependencias Necesitamos la JDBC API para abstraernos de la gestión de conexión a la base de datos. JDBC … Read more

Quick SQL Tips

union vs union all are SQL Operators to concatenate One or more result sets. The difference between them is that Union keeps only unique records  while Union All extracts all the rows including duplicates.  When using UNION instead of UNION ALL, database server must do additional work to remove the duplicate rows Duplicados